A group of Greyhound passengers says they were stranded in Chattanooga for 12 hours Sunday.

Ty Mitchell started the journey from Orlando headed to Cedar Point, Iowa, Saturday afternoon.

Three hours into the trip the first incident happened.

“My bus broke down yesterday before I got to Atlanta coming from Orlando in Tifton Georgia,” said Ty Mitchell. “So it was just a lot of emotions.”

After making it to Atlanta by transfer buses, the second bus broke down in Chattanooga after just over two hours on the road.

“The bus was beeping,” said Mitchell. “Then the bus driver said it was stalling out and lost power.”

Around 12:30 Sunday afternoon passengers of bus number 1188 had to stop at a MAPCO off the interstate.

Mitchell says they were waiting for almost 11 hours before another bus was able to pick them up.

“The buses that we're coming for us were either full or broke down in transit to us,” said Mitchell.

During that time, Mitchell says the Greyhound customers rallied together to make sure everyone was safe.

Everyone was frustrated, and mostly concerned because the passengers varied in age.

“One being eight months, and we had elderly people there,” said Mitchell. “

A guy was insulin-dependent, and he used his last needle. He thought that he would be at his destination that afternoon.”

Mitchell will be days late to the CDL training that a few of the other passengers are scheduled to attend.

Mitchell and many others aren't sure when, or if they will be able to get a refund.

“In order to file a complaint, we have to wait 24 hours after we reach our final destination,” said Mitchell.

Channel 3 reached out to Greyhound for a statement on this incident.

We have not heard anything back yet.

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