UPDATE: Chattanooga police say two teenagers accused of threatening people at gunpoint at a Hixson park over the weekend have been arrested.

The incident happened shortly after 6:30 p.m. on Sunday at Greenway Farms off Gann Store Road.

Police say the victims told officers that two teens physically threatened them at gunpoint.

Police say the two armed suspects, along with a third juvenile who did not have a weapon, ran from the scene before officers arrived.

Police say a picture of the teens that was taken during the incident and posted to social media led to several tips, which ultimately helped officers identify and find the suspects.

"I want to thank the many community members who reached out to police so we could identify, investigate, and arrest these individuals," said CPD Chief David Roddy. "We must continue working together to ensure our city is a safer city."

Police say a 15-year-old and 16-year-old are each charged with three counts of aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.

The third juvenile, who did not have a weapon, is not facing charges.

More charges are pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Emily Campbell posted to Facebook a picture of three young men. Two pointing guns in her direction at Greenway Farms Park in Hixson on Sunday. 

The post said, "My friends and I were held at gunpoint." 

It's been shared and commented on thousands of times. 

We showed that video to some people at Greenway Farms on Monday. 

"I bring my dog here every day and we will run the trails and on this open field we throw her ball every day and we've never had any issue," said Ashleigh Allison. 

"I'm surprised that it would happen in a place like this, I thought it was a calm and safe area to bring your family and have some outdoor time," said Mark Hankinson.

"I was shocked, Greenway Farms has always been a pretty safe spot to come out and run around," said Bruce Buckner.

All of them visit Greenway Farms regularly. Bruce Buckner and Ruth Ann Rogers said they feel safe. 

"No it's always really safe," said Rogers.

"I feel comfortable coming here, I feel comfortable letting her come here," said Buckner.

Hankinson said this incident isn't going to stop him from coming to the park. 

"I think it's probably still safe and if there were any problems I would take care of it myself," said Hankinson.

We did reach out to the woman who made the original viral Facebook post, Emily Campbell, but she never got back to us. 

She did make a new post to her Facebook that said in part:

"After I was on the ground being held at gunpoint trying to get the keys out of my backpack, I unlock the car and got in and that's when I took the picture, I was able to take the picture once I was in the car because the windows are tinted, WHILE i was on the phone with 911. a bystander aka my brothers friend took the video and i took the photo from the car with TINTED windows."

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PREVIOUS STORY: Photos and videos of a weekend incident at a popular Hixson park have been circulating wildly on social media, shared thousands of times.

The still photos and a video show a group of younger men brandishing handguns and aiming them at people, reportedly at Greenway Farms.

Very little information has been confirmed; the identities of those involved, the location of the incident and what actually happened.

Channel 3 reached out to the Chattanooga Police Department Public Information Officer Trevor Tomas who said a report has been filed, and officers are following up on information they've received to could help identify the people in the photos and videos.

When Channel 3 asked Mayor Andy Berke for comment, Kerry Hayes, Berke's Deputy Chief of Staff responded with the following sentence:

"Our office has no comment right now as the investigation into this incident is ongoing."

Channel 3 has elected to blur the face of those involved until police have determined the nature of the incident and their ages, our standard policy.

This is a developing story and will be updated.