The first day of school in Hamilton County is less than two weeks away. Saturday morning, volunteers at schools across the district got their hands dirty prepping the schools for the start of class.

Outreach facilitator Jennifer White says the “Better Together” initiative is all about getting a fresh start.

"A fresh coat of paint or some fresh flowers out front makes everyone feel welcome,” she said. “Put the importance back on the children. Put the importance back on where they spend a lot of their time. We want to make it ready for them and exciting."

With “Better Together,” Hamilton County called on volunteers from around the district for a day of service; weeding, washing and sprucing up schools for the start of school.

"It's able to bring in folks that we would have to invest some money in to have them do these types of projects,” White said. “But these folks are willing to give their time.”

Folks like volunteer Tom Angsten, who volunteered at Red Bank Elementary. Even though his own kids didn't go here, he says he gave his time for the students.

“It's all about the kids,” he said. “I’ve got two kids of my own. To be able to help out the schools, even though my kids didn't go to this school, anything for the schools and the kids."

White hopes seeing the hard work of volunteers will make an impression on those students in August.

"It's pretty and it's fresh and it's clean and it's welcoming for them,” she said. “And maybe they'll want to give back too and it'll make a difference in what they do in the long run.”

Red Bank wasn’t the only school to get spruced up. About two dozen Hamilton County schools had work done Saturday, all leading up to that first day of school on August 7th.