Carlos Morales and his family moved to Cleveland, Tennessee from Puerto Rico in 2013. It was only two years later when Morales had both of his legs amputated. 

"We were looking for opportunities to do something different than where we were at. Better job, better life," said Morales. 

Morales suddenly got very sick in 2015. It was complications from pneumonia and strep throat that sent him into a coma. 

"Out of nowhere I was in a coma, they told me I was dead for 15 minutes, and they brought me to the hospital here in Cleveland," he said. "It was like a dream, more like a nightmare... I was calling for help, and I remember I used to call my mom and my wife all the time."

Morales recalls certain dreams from when he was in a coma. 

"I was walking and there was an accident and then a car hit me or something like that, I don't really remember right now, but there was something in that dream that caused me to lose my legs," said Morales. 

He said it was later he realized that dream may have meant something. 

"Then when I started thinking of the dreams, well that, maybe that was what that dream means, I was going through this and it was getting me ready for what I was going to see when I woke up," said Morales. 

It was 30 days after he went into the coma, he came out and woke up in a Chattanooga hospital. 

"That was when I noticed that my fingers were black and my legs were black, but I was so in shock that I didn't realize what was going on," said Morales. 

Gangrene has set into his limbs because of side effects from medication causing him to lose both his legs.

"That was the biggest challenge for me trying to accept that I cannot make my legs grow back," said Morales. 

He had years of challenges and three sets of prosthetic legs, until he finally got some that fit. 

"I'm still getting used to it but since the first time I got these ones I started feeling a difference it's been way easier to move around," said Morales. 

For the first time in years, he can play outside with his son. 

"And whenever we get to play together, I am able to play with him the way he wants to, not he trying to play with me the way I have to," said Morales. 

Morales said that most importantly his family was and continues to be his rock.

"The way I am today and the only reason I'm here is because my wife and my kid were there with me since I opened my eyes," said Morales.