There are two times of the year many people will make a large electronic purchase: Black Friday and this weekend because it's tax-free.

In Tennessee, computers, laptops, and tablets under 1,500 dollars are eligible for the tax exception.

Before you head to the store, it's suggested that you think about what you'll be using the device for so a professional can match you with the right option.

The tax-free weekend could equal hundreds in savings for customers.

David Alsobrook with Best Buy expects the weekend to be similar to Black Friday, but with everyone flocking to the electronic section.

However, he says his crew will be ready for the rush.

“We have plenty of stock and all hands on deck,” said David Alsobrook. “So they've been sending us computers after computers, and tablets nonstop to get us prepared.”

Technology is ever-changing, and people will want to get their hands on laptops and tablets to stay up-to-date.

From graphic design to business management everyone in need of something different.

Alsobrook suggests for people to check with their professor, or look up industry standards before going into the store.

He says this will help sales associates pair you with the right device.

“It depends on the particular specifications,” said Alsobrook. “If they're going for business, then they are going to be using extensive Excel spreadsheets. They may need more ram.”

Alsobrook says with a price match and various incentives, people will be able to get the most bang for their buck nearly anywhere.

Even though this exception applies to everyone, students can get additional discounts.

“It's just a simple as signing up on your phone or a computer,” said Alsobrook. “Then you get a coupon. After that, you can get anywhere from $25 total of $100 off various computers.”

The tax-free weekend ends Sunday at midnight.

If you need to refer back to a school supply list, those can be found here.