It's a program that Publix has been offering for more than a decade with little fanfare. One customer dropped off a prescription, then came back to the pharmacy to pay for it. 

Jonathan Zufi, customer, "I handed her my credit card and she said 'there is no charge.' And I looked at her and I said 'what'? and she said there is no charge and I thought maybe my wife had signed us up for some program or something like that and it turns out that Publix just decides that certain medicines are free. And that's what she told me and I was completely blown away."

And the free prescription program includes many popular medications.

Jennifer Bass, Publix pharmacist, "Some of the top medications that we have on that program include Amoxicillin. which is a frequently prescribed antibiotic. You'll see that prescribed a lot in children and also in adults. And then also diabetic medications such as Metformin and some anti-hypertensive medications."

And while Publix offers certain medications for free, many retailers offer substantial prescription discounts as well.

You can save at pharmacies and chains like CVS, Costco, Kroger, Publix, Walgreens, Walmart, and Sams Club. But be sure to check for possible membership requirements before you can get the deals. Also check out discount cards and offers at many internet sites.

And also helping the consumers save on prescription dollars are the independent drug stores. Wender and Roberts, a 100-year-old Atlanta chain, has an advocacy program.

Melanie Germany, Wender and Roberts pharmacist "We have patient advocates that can work directly with a patient and help them find funding and save the patient thousands of dollars. They can get grants from the Diabetes Association, the Asthma Association, as well as low-income grants to really make a substantial difference.

The bottom line is shop carefully and get the best advice and best deals you possibly can. Because in the end, it's your money and it's your health.