Many students will head back to school with new gadgets but technology could put them at risk.

Nearly 40 percent of underage users think their information online is private from everyone.

iPads and laptops are increasingly making their way into our schools.

This is giving more students access to the internet, but dangers lurk outside the firewalls.

David Alsobrook with Best Buy says in order to make sure devices are properly secured the key is having a unique password.

This ensures privacy protection.

“At least eight characters using special characters like an asterisk a cash symbol or an exclamation point and numbers as well,” said David Alsobrook.

All middle and high school Hamilton County students will use an electronic device this year.

And more than half of the students that go to Cleveland City and Bradley County Schools will use a laptop or iPad.

Alsobrook says students should be careful about what they put online.

He says everyone should send a friend request to people they know and do not accept anyone they don't know.

“Minimize the information that you put on there,” said Alsobrook. “If somebody's trying to gain access to your account, then a lot of times they will use their personal information to secure their account.”

If you are using your computer to study at a business with Wi-Fi, then Alsobrook suggests limiting the accounts you check.

“Email your email or banking websites because if it's an open network then you're not in control of it,” said Alsobrook. “You don't know how well security is being utilized.”

He says it's best to use home internet or your phone to check those types of records.

Alsobrook's final tip is to purchase a good antivirus software that may cover multiple devices, and keep your system updated.

“When Microsoft or Apple identifies a security breach or flaw or issue they will push those updates out to those devices to make sure they are safe and secure,” said Alsobrook.