This week's case happened Saturday.

"It was about 7 o'clock at night when the car was broken into and then by 9 o'clock is when the debit card was used," explained Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller.

Your tip could get our suspect collared before he sets off on another weekend of taking.

"This suspect broke into the victims vehicle and took her purse which had her debit card inside the purse," Miller said. "The debit card was then very quickly used at the Speedway on Brainerd Road."

From there, we got a look at him.

"It appears to be a black male and he's wearing a skullcap that has a very distinctive design," Sgt. Miller said. "It appears to be a marijuana leaf on the skullcap."

He faces charges for, at least, theft from a vehicle and bank card fraud.

"Usually, suspects that are in auto burglaries, they plan out the day and they'll go to multiple different locations, multiple neighborhoods and they'll break in to multiple vehicles," added Miller.

The credit and debit cards are used, quickly.

"Usually, suspects are either using debit cards to purchase gas and things like that or cards that they can put money on and resell those or large items they can resell," Sgt. Miller said.

There is one more clue to who this suspect is. A picture from the Speedway parking lot shows he came and went in one of these two white vehicles. Make the match, place a call to Crime Stoppers, earn a cash reward.

"We hope that you will be able to identify the suspect very quickly and prevent any future auto burglaries," said Miller.

The hope is this man's picture will ring a bell with someone. Pay particular attention to his head wear. With your help, we will get him off the street and get you Crime Stoppers reward cash.