A McDonald’s franchise owner says he didn't know about the sales tax decrease in Whitfield County until it was brought to their attention.

Now, those McDonald’s customers who were overcharged can get a refund, if they still have their receipt. 

At the end of June, a four-year-old special-purpose local-option sales tax expired in Whitfield County. 

That means the sales tax went down by one percent on most of the goods sold in the county. 

Within a week, McDonald’s customers in Dalton, Georgia realized they were being overtaxed when they bought their food. 

Rob Goodwin, a McDonald’s franchise owner, released a statement saying in part "Through an unintentional oversight, the July 1, 2019, 1% decrease in sales tax in Whitfield County was not entered into our system until it was brought to our attention. Upon notification, we immediately worked to correct our system and we are happy to offer a refund to any customer who was charged the wrong amount of sales tax and presents a receipt". 

Those who ate at the restaurant between July 1st through the 8th, are eligible for a refund. 

Goodwin says all the money collected from the tax overcharge will be returned to the state. 

If you want to submit a complaint to get a refund, then you must submit a fraud referral form.

While this isn't "fraud", they can report what's going on to the attorney general's office of consumer protection.