UPDATE: Police have arrested a third suspect in a recent shooting at the Douglas Heights apartment complex.

Police say 25-year-old Hyacinth Taylor was charged with Attempted First Degree Murder.

Taylor is due in court on September 24.

PREVIOUS STORY: A shooting at the Douglas Heights apartment complex left one man dead and two injured just over a week ago. Toddie and Omerrieal Woods have been charged in that case, and today they made their first appearance in court.

The brothers only appeared for a few minutes, before the judge set a new date for a preliminary hearing on August 27.

Toddie Woods faces a charge of first-degree murder in the shooting, and both brothers have attempted first-degree murder charges.

Attorney Bill Speek says they're pleading not guilty.

"At this point, we've plead not guilty, we intend to continue to plead not guilty,” Speek said. “And we'll persist in that until there's any other change in their plea."

Chattanooga police say surveillance video shows Toddie Woods firing shots through an apartment door with a gun handed to him by Omerrieal. Those shots killed 25-year-old Rigoberto Jarquin and injured two other men.

Speek told Channel 3 that much more happened before the shooting than has previously been reported.

"We know that the shooting was not an act in a vacuum,” he said. “We know that the shooting did come after they were attacked."

The defense team says an attack left the brothers with black eyes and at least one broken nose. The defense believes the incident began even before that.

"We believe that this altercation that led to this tragic event started before they were even in the building,” Speek said.

Before the brothers appear again, attorney John Morgan says they're focused on social media, and that it will play a big role in this case.

"There are a lot of witnesses that we have not had an opportunity to talk to and we're working on that,” Morgan said.

Speek says a new court date will allow the defense to continue their own investigation.

"At this point we're still like the police, investigating our side of the story,” he said.

The defense expects to present that evidence at the preliminary hearing in August.

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