With a new school year coming up, supply lists are headed to students around the state. But it’s not just parents who are opening their wallets. 

Teachers Timothy and Julieta Goode end up spending a lot of their own money on supplies in addition to what students bring. 

“One year she spent about 900 and something dollars from August to December in her classroom and between Special Olympics and my classroom I spent some $600,” Timothy Goode said. 

The Goode’s situation is common. Erin Kirby with Hamilton County Schools says that’s why the district is promoting a school supply drive this year. 

“Most teachers spend about $450 as a seasoned teacher getting their room ready every year,” Kirby tells Channel 3. “And for new teachers, it’s double that. So we just wanted to ease the burden of that.” 

Those donations would be in addition to the supply lists already sent to students. Julieta Goode says even with generous students and parents, making supplies last through the year is a battle. 

“Not 100% of the students will bring the things that I ask for because they’re already buying tons of other things for other classes,” she said. “So whatever little bit they bring is helpful.” 

The Goode's say the school district does what it can. But teachers often find themselves buying extras to make the year better for themselves and their students. 

“I do have subscriptions and things online that I buy for the children,” Julieta Goode said. “And you would say ‘well that’s not needed.’ Well, it makes life way easier to have many of those things.” 

The Goode’s are hopeful that this year, the drive will bring in some extra and much-needed necessities. 

To donate to the Hamilton County School District drive, email Erin Kirby or Mallary Netterville for more information.