UPDATE: Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond says he has no plans to resign in response to the demands made by a group of local pastors.

Hammond spoke to Channel 3 shortly after a group of local African American pastors gathered outside his office to call for his resignation and the firing of two of his deputies.

"Of course I’m a little bit saddened because so quickly we can change our feelings of who our sheriff is," Hammond told Channel 3. "But I understand that comes with the territory. I do believe that the overwhelming take away from this is we need to let the process work."

Hammond says the two deputies remain on paid administrative leave as internal and criminal investigations continue. 

"We live in a day and age where video controls a lot of our lives," Hammond told Channel 3. "Video can be good and it can be bad it can show truth and it can show untruth." 

PREVIOUS STORY: A group of African American Ministers is calling for the resignation of Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond.

The group gathered outside Hammond's office Monday morning. They also asked for the termination of Deputy Sheriffs Daniel Wilkey and Bobby Brewer, after the pair was seen on dash camera footage hitting, kneeing, and strip-searching an African American man while in handcuffs.

"We are outraged at the egregious acts perpetuated on people of color in Hamilton County under the control of Sheriff Jim Hammond, especially the acts toward African American men, such as Mr. Myron Mitchell encountered last week," said a letter, sent to the Channel 3 newsroom prior to the press conference. 

"There are too many instances of law enforcement using policies that crush the rights of the citizens who are to be protected," the letter read. "In addition, we demand the restructuring of the operation of the Sheriff’s department and the development of policies that recognize the importance of what is right and just."

The group also referenced an event six months ago, when Charles Toney was beaten while handcuffed.