The most popular internet provider in Chattanooga posted a series of controversial tweets over the weekend. 

On Sunday, EPB's Twitter account replied to a tweet saying "Politicians need the church to help spread fear in order to advance agendas. Religion is fear-based, and ancient fairy tales were created to foster obedience under threat of "consequences" of non-obedience. Offering tax-free status is a kickback for services of mass obedience." 

Shortly after those posts went out, EPB tweeted again saying "This comment in no way reflects EPB's viewpoint. We do not take positions of this kind."

Jed Marston, VP of marketing, said they removed the tweet as soon as they saw it. 

He said they initially thought it was a hacker, but now they say that's not the case. 

Marston said an employee misused EPB's Twitter account to make unauthorized posts. 

He said EPB has no indication that anyone's information has been compromised during this incident.