A shooting on Roanoke Avenue Thursday night will get much more attention than would normally be expected.

Crews from the new A&E Network show "Live Rescue" were there to document the work of EMT’s.

Deputy Director John Miller says this show really puts into perspective what first responders go through every single day.

"The comments on our Facebook page and A&E's Facebook page, you know I can tell that's the case because a lot of people are saying we never knew you had this type of call or we didn't know you guys did that. So, I think it's good for our entire industry,” Miller said.         

A&E picked Hamilton County to star in the first season.

Deputy director Miller says to be selected over bigger cities like Nashville and Atlanta is a huge honor.

"It's a great chance for us to put our best foot forward and we pride ourselves on providing excellent pre-hospital care,” Miller said.

Crews have been following first responders for the past several weeks.

Though it hasn't personally affected their job, it did take some getting used to.

"When you have a film crew documenting you, they want us to explain that procedure while we are doing it. So that's the part that was a little bit tough for some of our guys. That's not second nature to explain step-by-step what you are doing and while you are doing it,” Miller said.

The public is getting an eye opening, close up view of emergency work. And first responders who watch have a different takeaway.

"With me watching the show, I see the opposite. I see how their call volume in Mesa, Arizona is the same type thing here. To me, it shows the similarities in all the different cities,” Miller said.

But Miller hopes this kind of publicity shows everyone their number one priority.

"Our motto is setting the standard of care. And that’s a goal we constantly strive to do. This kind of PR is great for us,” Miller said.

A&E's crews will be here for a few more weeks and Miller hopes the show continues to catch the interest of everyone in Hamilton County.