If you haven't seen the sunflowers at Smith Perry-Berries, the clock is ticking. 

This will be the last weekend to see the sunflowers before they start to wilt.

The owners of Smith Perry-Berries allow photographers to take professional pictures for a fee of $35.

Once the flowers peak, it's a busy time for professional photographers like Hayley Phillips. 

"Everyone is kind of rushing to get their photos done before the flowers do die off because they really don't last long so once you see them start to bloom you really got to jump on it right them," Phillips said. 

She said she's done photo sessions for pets, couples, children and seniors.

While it's a profession for some, others like Latta Johnston say taking these pictures is just a hobby. 

"The flowers I think hit their peak yesterday," Johnston said. "I thought I better get out here early to see if I could get some sun on them this morning." 

Smith Perry-Berries opens at 7 a.m. and closes at dark.