Weeks after the discovery of a Walker County woman's body, detectives with the Walker County Sheriff's Office are pushing for a quicker return of GBI crime lab results.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says the case has slowed down since 31-year-old Britney Parker Cole's remains were found last month.

"Two men working a farm out on Old Mineral Springs Road had discovered a body," Sheriff Wilson said.

Wilson tells Channel 3, he hopes lab results will be back in the next 10 days, explaining how Cole died. Until then detectives and their investigation are at a stand still.

"It does raise a lot of questions and you wonder if someone contributed to that death by giving bad drugs," Sheriff Wilson said, "or did someone inflict some type of injury that caused the death?"

He says autopsy and toxicology results from the GBI crime lab can normally take up to eight weeks to get back.

"Other than interviews we have not been able to find out exactly what those tests/autopsies have reported or what it will show in the report. So, it's important to get it back as quick as we can," Sheriff Wilson explained.

Cole got married just days prior to the discovery of her body on June 18. Her husband, Bob Jay Cole, was convicted of murder three decades ago and served a 28-year sentence.

He was arrested for a parole violation last month, but has not been charged with a crime in connection to Britney's death.

"When you look at his criminal history, what he was convicted of, you certainly, your mind has to race and as investigators you certainly have to look at those things," Wilson told Channel 3.

He believes crucial answers will be in the lab results.

"The quicker we can get it back, I think the better picture we will have as to what caused her death," Sheriff Wilson said. "Why did she die?"

Sheriff Wilson hopes to have the autopsy results next week. His department has been waiting for four weeks.

Channel 3 reached out to the GBI crime lab to ask where they were in the process of expediting the toxicology and autopsy results.

We have not heard back yet.

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