Residents who live off S. Dick Creek Road in Walker County are upset because recent road work left large cracks in the road's new pavement. 

"It's worst now than it was before," said Lori Richardson. 

Richardson lives off S. Dick Creek Road. The road was paved less than a week ago. 

"It's a horrible paving job. It looks like it just slid," Richardson told Channel 3. 

Walker County Public Works Director Carlen Bowers tells Channel 3, this is just a base layer and they will add more asphalt over the cracks.

"I've never seen a road where they just pave over the bad spots," said James Richardson. 

Those who live off the road say the county's logic does not make sense. 

"They should fix the bad spots before they pave over it," explained James Richardson. 

Residents say that would rather see the county fix the road first before paving it, pointing to large bumps and potholes in the road. 

"You've got to patch it before you pave it," said Lori Richardson. 

Other neighbors who live off the road agree. 

"They're basically just slapping a band-aid on something that will look nice for awhile but is going to fail," said Kandice Ledford. 

Ledford says roadwork started in front of her house last Friday. 

"What they had done by that evening had already started to crack," recalled Ledford. 

Neighbors say the new pavement has become a hazard. 

"I came down here the day after they had paved it and hit the bump over here and literally went flying," said Lori Richardson. 

"They'll hit the cracks and I've seen sparks fly off of some of these cars already," Ledford told Channel 3. 

Those who live near the road hope the pavement will be fixed soon.

Walker County officials tells Channel 3, they are aware of the issue and the project is ongoing. They also said this is a contracted project and the cracks will be permanently fixed.