Follow this week's case through a few unlikely twists and turns and, if you know anything about who we are looking for, you could earn yourself up to $1,000 Crime Stoppers cash.

"'Finders' is not always 'keepers,' as you hear," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller. Our suspect apparently did not get the memo.

Police say the guy we are seeking picked up a debit card in the strangest place. Our victim first thought it had been stolen from his car, but then, he remembered a trip to the restroom.

"He originally remembered last having his debit card at a local business on Cherokee Boulevard," Sgt. Miller explained. "So, we went and we found video there and saw that the suspect entered the restroom just after the victim left."

As evidenced by the photo we have of the suspect using the card, he did not simply turn it in at the manager's desk as he should have.

"He went on the spending spree and kept using it until the victim realized his debit card was missing," Miller added. "The suspect went to Walmart, to Hibbett and bought some shoes, went to liquor store."

The photo comes from that liquor store. "He got some liquor and spent the night in a hotel," Miller said, "all on the victims dime."

Have a good look. We have reward cash if you can tell us who this guy is.

"The suspect is wearing a red shirt and white baseball cap that looks to be some sports logo," Miller described. The cap appears to bear the logo of the Los Angeles Raiders in the NFL. "And also, it still has the sticker on the bill. So, that may stand out to you."

Your good information is worth some honest cash.

"I believe that this suspect is from Chattanooga and, looking at this picture, you'll know who he is, immediately," said Sgt. Miller.

If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

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