Trains blocking roadways have been an issue for many Tennessee Valley residents including neighbors who live on Sanabel Lane in Apison.

One resident told Channel 3, her days often get off track because of train cars sitting on the tracks.

After countless calls and complaints, Autumn Peabody says she and others just want to see something done about the wait that's often an inconvenience.

"They just stop right here and there's nothing we can do about it," Peabody said.

The sound of a Norfolk Southern train coming means there's a chance it won't be leaving for hours in some cases.

"We get trains stopping through here all the time and we've called numbers and they just tell us they'll try and do what they can,” Peabody told Channel 3.

Peabody says trains have blocked her dead-end street for years.

"If we have an emergency, nobody can get to us when there's a train in the way. Trying to get in and out, like (getting) my daughter to school, trying to get to the bus, (she's) late for school and stuff so it's been a big issue," she explained.

She says her 16-year-old daughter has even had to maneuver in between train cars just to get to the bus stop.

"When the train is stopped early in the morning, she's had to climb over it in between the cars just to get to her bus because I can't help her get to school if my car's stuck at the house. So, she's got to do something or it will count against her," Peabody continued.

Peabody, a longtime Apison resident, says she has called the number posted to report the problem more than a dozen times in the last three years and each time she is told the same thing.

"It's either they're broke down or they just don't have enough power to push the trains up this hill up here, especially like the coal trains and stuff," she explained.

She and others are hoping one day soon that the trains will keep chugging along so Sanabel Lane residents can get by.

Channel 3 reached out to Norfolk Southern to ask if they were aware of the issue and whether they've started working to find a solution.

A company spokesperson was unable to confirm either, but did provide the following statement:

"Norfolk Southern makes every effort to minimize the time that trains interrupt motor vehicles traffic at crossings. At times, operational situations might require a train to stop or slow, resulting in a temporarily blocked crossing. We apologize for any inconveniences to the community."

A media spokesperson did say they are continuing to look into the issue.

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