The Grundy County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about counterfeit money that has been floating around the county.

Sheriff Clint Shrum took to Facebook Live on Tuesday evening warning residents to check their cash.

Sheriff Shrum says he have received complaints of counterfeit money from residents and a few businesses in the area.

In the Facebook Live video, Sheriff Shrum provided ways you can spot fake money.

“If you have a counterfeit pen, mark it to see if it will mark,” Sheriff Shrum advised. “This one doesn't have a security script on it or anything of that nature, so this is a counterfeit $100 dollar bill.”

Sheriff Shrum says the counterfeit bills were likely ordered from the internet.

If you have any information about how the counterfeit money ended up in Grundy County or have fake money in your possession, please call the sheriff’s office at 931- 692-3466.

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