UPDATE:  Douglas Heights officials confirm the individual who reportedly allowed two shooting suspects to enter the apartment complex is no longer a resident.

A spokesperson with Landmark Properties released the following statement:

"They were found in violation of their lease agreement, which has been terminated, and they vacated the premises. To be clear, the decision to terminate their lease agreement does not in any way suggest that we have knowledge to support claims that the resident willingly enabled or facilitated the tragic crimes on Sunday. Those details are to be determined by the Chattanooga Police Department and its ongoing investigation.

Right now, we're focused on doing all that we can to serve our residents, support the Chattanooga Police Department as they conduct their investigation, and help bring healing to our community."  


PREVIOUS STORY: Toddie Woods Jr. and Omerrieal Woods are accused of first-degree murder in connection to a shooting near UTC’s campus over the weekend.

Police say the brothers are suspects in the triple-shooting at the Douglas Heights apartment complex early Sunday morning that left 25-year-old Rigoberto Jarquin dead.

Omerrieal Woods was arrested Monday night and his brother was on the run up until Tuesday morning. That was when Toddie Woods turned himself in to the Hamilton County Jail.

Police responded to the shooting at Douglas Heights early Sunday morning. A resident said she could hear the entire incident unfold.

“At first I was trying to convince myself ‘you're being dramatic, there's no way someone is shooting a gun off in your apartment complex,’” Amelia Ike said.

Court documents say the suspects can be seen on video trying to get into an apartment.

When they can't, Omerrieal Woods leaves the group, walks down the hall and gives a gun to Toddie Woods.

Toddie Woods then fires shots at the apartment door, wounding two men and killing Jarquin.

According to a spokesperson for Landmark Properties, the brothers did not live at Douglas Heights but were guests of a residence. That spokesperson says surveillance footage shows that resident letting them into the building.

Ike says it's not uncommon for people to let guests inside. 

"A lot of people will wait at doors if they want to get in and just wait for someone to let them in,” she said. “Or if they know somebody who lives here they'll say 'hey can you come let me in.' And those are people who don't live here."

In the wake of the shooting, Ike says Douglas Heights has started some new security measures.

She also says there was a safety meeting scheduled for Monday night, but it was canceled.

“In the group message today I saw that it got canceled and the person who posted it said corporate put the brakes on it until further notice,” Ike tells Channel 3.

Ike says even with the suspects in custody the shooting has many rattled.

"It's one thing to know that anywhere you go anything can happen. But knowing that the place I go at the end of the day where I’m supposed to feel safest, it doesn't feel safe anymore," she said.

Douglas Heights caters to students. Their website lists the complex as student housing.

However, UTC says they aren't affiliated with the apartments.