For animal shelters across the country, summer comes with its own challenges. 

Thousands of unwanted cats and dogs. To add to the mess, hurricanes tend to displace animals. 

Director of Development and External Relations Mindy Kolin, said they have hit max capacity with more than 550 animals. 

"Its kitten and puppy season," Kolin said. "It is when people are moving, relocating, dogs get lost, you have July 4th when fireworks happen so a lot of pets wind up in shelters through the summer months not just pets, but animals in general."

Kolin said she has never seen this many kittens in one place before. 

But kittens aren't the only animals making their way to McKamey Animal Center. 

Executive Director Jamie McAloon said they got a request from the Best Friends Animal League ahead of Hurricane Barry last week. 

"They asked us if we could assist in New Orleans with the animals that were being evacuated in the East and the West bank there," McAloon said. 

She said they brought 19 extra animals to the shelter from New Orleans. 

It's not the first time McKamey has stepped in to help shelters in the path of Hurricanes. 

They have assisted shelters ahead of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Florence. 

McAloon said all of those animals were adopted out of the center unless they were too sick. 

"Some of the animals we were taking, I think it was Irma, were in pretty dire shape," McAloon said. "They came from shelters that really had no money so a lot of vet care was lacking."

You can also call them at 423-305-6500.