UTC softball senior Morgan Kazerooni is gearing up to head to Italy to represent the United States in the Tuscany Tournament. The trip is based around softball, but offers the athletes much more.

"Getting the opportunity to go and experience a different country and learning everything there is to learn. Honestly, meeting new people through the sport of softball is always fun," Kazerooni said.

It's made possible through USA Athletes International. The team will essentially meet at the airport and embark on a ten day journey together.

"The organization is there to give you opportunities that you might not have with travel ball and stuff. So, you get the opportunity to go to other countries and kind of have a vacation while softball," Kazerooni said.

Six different schools represent the ten person squad. Surely they'll enjoy some of that famous Italian food, but let's not forget Kazerooni will be a major part of the softball Mocs SoCon title defense come 2020.

"I'm open to learn anything and everything about other people's programs. Any advice from people, still trying to learn more about the game of softball. There's always more to learn with other tips and tricks, and stuff like that," Kazerooni said.

The trip runs from July 29-August 7th.