Dalton police say the deadly shooting at Motel 6 over the weekend may have been self-defense.

It happened early Saturday morning on Chattanooga Road.

Channel 3 requested the 911 calls from the days of the shooting.

According to police, Walker called 911 twice to file a noise complaint, but a spokesperson says officers did not find any evidence of a disturbance or noises when they arrived. They say one of the rooms Walker reported the noise was coming from was vacant.

Walker first called 911 at 2:32 Saturday morning. The call came from the Motel 6, where Walker had been staying for some time. During the call, Walker describes hearing someone fighting in room 226.

“I just hear a lot of banging on the floor upstairs. I don't know if everybody is alright or not but it's been going on for a minute,” Walker told the dispatcher.

The dispatcher then asks, “Do you know if it's male or female?” Walker responds saying, “I have no clue. I have no idea at all.”

The dispatcher tells Walker officers will come and hangs up.

About 20 minutes later at 2:56 a.m., Walker calls back. He immediately tells the dispatcher, “There's somebody in 104 that is beating the door. I swear to God. I wouldn't lie to you.” Another 30 minutes went by before police say Walker went to room 226, where he says he heard noises. Witnesses told police he banged on the door and threatened those inside the room.

Moments later there were gunshots.

Police say a man shot Walker several times as Walker tried to force his way into his room. They say the man rendered aid, but Walker did not survive.

“Somebody was knocking on the door and when I opened the door he tried to barge in. I tried closing the door and he wouldn't,” the man told dispatchers as his voice faded out.

Though the shooting remains under investigation, police say as of now...this is a case of self-defense. The shooter has not been charged.

“If we don't develop any information to sort of counteract that theory then we would pass our findings on to the DA office and work with them to make the determination about what to do,” said Bruce Frazier, spokesperson for the Dalton Police Department.

Frazier says they are waiting on an autopsy to be completed to learn more about how Walker died. They have also requested a toxicology report.

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