A triple shooting at Douglas Heights apartments left one person dead and two others hurt Sunday morning.

Chattanooga Police identify the victim who was killed at 25-year-old Rigoberto Jarquin. The other two victims are males. One is 20 and one is 23.

Community leader and former congressional candidate Weston Wamp says this latest shooting is the last straw.

"It’s a deal breaker,” he said. “And I think it's shocking to people who know of Chattanooga's reputation as a beautiful, growing dynamic city."

Wamp says he sees a rising trend of shootings in Chattanooga, and he wants it to end.

"We can't let this be the norm. Just because if you listen to the news or read the newspaper any given week, a couple of people are getting shot, or even worse in this case a young person is losing their life,” Wamp said. “That doesn't mean that this is normal."

At Douglas Heights, all three victims were 25 or younger, and the property is home to lots of UTC students.  A representative for Landmark Properties, which manages Douglas Heights, said in a statement to Channel 3 that the complex is stepping up security with increased patrols and limited building access after hours.

“What happened at Douglas Heights is not the exception,” Wamp said. “The truth is it's normal. It happens all the time. I don't have any confidence that the city is getting safer despite the best efforts of local police."

Wamp says security and police won't solve the whole problem. He's calling on city leaders to make a change.

“You elected leaders, your civic leaders, the people that run the big organizations, instead of shying away from it and hoping that these violence issues go away, they've got to step up and fill a void,” he said.

After this latest deadly shooting, Wamp is asking one question.

“How much are we going to care?” he said. “At what point do we put our fists down and say 'this is not going to be the norm in Chattanooga, Tennessee.'"

In addition to new security measures, Douglas Heights hosted a security meeting Monday evening for their residents to discuss concerns and policies going forward.

The Chattanooga Police Department says the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.