A Chattanooga company showed off their goods at the White House. 

This is President Trumps’ 3rd annual "Made in America" showcase designed to highlight American made products. 

The American Bicycle Group was selected to represent the state of Tennessee because of its products. 

People can see these Litespeed bikes zipping across the world. 

Jamie Ann Phillips says she was shocked to get that phone call. 

“Not many companies can say that they are 100% made in America,” said Phillips. “So with our Litespeed Brand, we are proud of.” 

Supporting the Chattanooga company at the White House was Congressman Chuck Fleischmann. 

He says having a business from our area represent the state shows the strength of the economy. 

“Overwhelmingly it's positive, it's strong with good-paying jobs, and American ingenuity,” said Fleischmann. 

To qualify for this showcase, the product parts and processing must be of U.S. origin. 

Phillips says over the years, this company has been able to increase production. 

“Not only that. A lot of our builders and welders on that brand have been with our company for years and years,” said Phillips. 

These bikes are usually used for events like the Ironman. 

Phillips says the success of this company has depended on the Tennessee Valley. 

“Living in Chattanooga, and it's such an outdoor city. We really tried to harness the region and the demographics in Chattanooga,” said Phillips.