A representative from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park says guest should remember to keep their distance to wildlife when in the park. 

It comes after video shows bear lunging at a visitor in Cades Cove when he confronts a momma bear and her cubs. 

In a statement, the park says, "To help us best protect bears in the park, it is critical that people act responsibly during their visit. Bears should never be fed or approached. We work hard to keep bears wild in a space shared with 11.4 million people. We need each visitor to do their part by always staying at least 50 yards back from bears and properly disposing of food waste - for their safety and that of the bears."

Rangers say it's important to remember that, "bears are wild animals and their behavior is unpredictable. Mother bears are extremely protective of their young and they will aggressively defend their cubs from harm. By approaching a mother bear with cubs, visitors are putting themselves and others at risk of injury."

Onlooker Paige Marple took her phone out to record the bears walking by the cars when she captured the incident. 

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