A Hamilton County deputy, who is under investigation for use of excessive force during an arrest, failed to complete his in service training in 2018.

According to the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.), Deputy Bobby Brewer “failed to complete all of 2018 in service training," as noted on page four of the above document.

The P.O.S.T. commission approved the in-service waiver in April of 2019, but said Brewer was not eligible for the 2018 salary supplement, as noted on page four the above document.

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance website says in part that the P.O.S.T. Commission is responsible for enforcing the following guidelines:

The Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission is responsible for developing and enforcing standards and training for all local police officers. 

Training programs that may seek P.O.S.T. certification include the basic police training required of all new recruits and continuing education training programs officers complete to fulfill the P.O.S.T. required 40 hours of in-service training each year.

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