A woman tells Channel 3 she found a snake in the toilet of her apartment complex in Hixson. 

Christen Kiefert shared this video with us. She says she walked into her bathroom and when she lifted the toilet seat, it was curled up with its head sticking out of the water. 

Kiefert told Channel 3 “I just walked in my downstairs bathroom, lifted the toilet seat and it was curled up in the toilet and it’s head was sticking out of the water. I called the apartment office and they sent maintenance out and they taped up the toilet and said they had to send pest control this morning. I can’t tell if it’s back in the toilet because it’s taped down. They said not to use that bathroom until they get it out. Yes so scary. ???? The maintenance man came this morning and he said he’s waiting on animal control to come out now, they have to get it out because it could come back.”

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