A little more than a month ago, the FCC chairman ruled that cell service companies can block robocall before they make it to your phone.

AT&T customers will have extra protection, but it will still cost you.

Robocalls are expected to be 52% of the calls we get by the end of 2019.

Jim Winsett with the Better Business Bureau says we are on track to meet that projection, and possibly exceed it.

Cell phone user Wayne Lyle says he's annoyed by the number of calls.

“When they wake me up late at night, or bad hours, then they are annoying. Other than that, I don't have a problem with them,” said Wayne Lyle.

AT&T will charge all of the security plus plan customers $4 a month to get an extra layer of protection.

The new feature will allow people to enhance caller id, reverse number lookup, and customer call controls.

“There is a lot of costs associated with that and technology development,” said Jim Winsett. “So the view from a provider is, I need to recover my money.”

With the service, those users will have to pay unless you call to cancel that portion.

Winsett says this fee could cause some issues for people with low or fixed income.

He says making sure these program works is key for success.

“If it doesn't eliminate Robocalls, then people are going to complain. Next, they will want their money back,” said Winsett. “I see challenges with that.”

Winsett and Lyle say they will not be paying the fee.

They say they have a free solution that works just as good.

“If I don't recognize the number, I just don't answer my phone,” said Lyle.

Right now, it's not clear when the other providers will add this service.

Fees may vary based on your cellular phone service provider.