This video may be disturbing to some viewers - discretion is advised. 

The Hamilton County District Attorney and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the possible use of excessive force following a traffic stop on Wednesday.

Sheriff Jim Hammond and District Attorney General Neal Pinkston held a press conference Friday morning to announce the launch of their investigations into the arrest of James Myron Mitchell on July 10.

Hammond says the incident was captured by dash camera video, which has been released to the public. 

Hammond told reporters that his department made Pinkston aware of video taken during the traffic stop, which is in accordance with department policy.

“After reviewing that video I was somewhat disturbed at what I saw and appointed an investigator from my office to investigate the potential excessive force that was seen in this video,” said Pinkston.

Pinkston says he has launched an investigation into the incident to determine if “there is any criminal aspect to it.” He also contacted the TBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office, and Governor Bill Lee’s legal counsel about the case.

Pinkston asked for the community’s patience but says he has asked all investigating agencies to provide a 30-day update.

“Everyone is entitled to due process and this is an investigation,” said Pinkston.

Sheriff Jim Hammond says an internal affairs investigation will be conducted in addition to Pinkston’s search for answers.

“These are young officers, these are good officers, and these are seasoned officers,” Hammond said to reporters.

“We will be looking very strongly at our training protocol; we’ll be looking at what we should be doing to protect the interest of this community and the interest of these officers,” Hammond said.

The two officers are on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. Hammond says he must pay the officers during the investigation in accordance with the law.

According to Mitchell's attorney Robin Flores, all charges from Wednesday's arrest have been dropped.

This video may be disturbing to some viewers - discretion is advised.