UPDATE: As Channel 3 reported in July, Topgolf is coming to Chattanooga. An email sent Tuesday morning didn't offer much information, but did verify the plans for the golf-driven entertainment complex.

The email reads:

"We are excited to share that Topgolf will soon be breaking ground in Chattanooga. This location is very important to us and we are excited to “tee off” our latest and greatest plans in this community. We are not ready to spill all of the details just yet but will be sure to share our progress along the way. Stay tuned!"

PREVIOUS STORY: Topgolf might be coming to East Ridge. Topgolf issued what is called a shell permit for an area off of Camp Jordan Parkway. 

The city said that Topgolf has not applied for any official permits, but Channel 3 has obtained the plans for the site development and the plans for future permit applications. 

The definition for a Shell Permit is: 

permit that includes construction plans for the structural portion of the building but does not include any tenant plans. A Shell Permit is generally used for fast-tracking construction at the owner's risk.

Important to note, that just because a shell permit and building plans have been dropped off at East Ridge, the plans could still fall through. 

Here is the official statement we received from a Topgolf spokesperson:

"All I can share right now is that we are currently exploring potential expansion in Tennessee for another local Topgolf experience." 

Topgolf is a sports entertainment center that features what is called a high-tech golf game that can be played by anyone. Topgolf has locations in Huntsville, Nashville, and Atlanta and has food, beverage and music.