Tropical storm Barry is expected to hit the gulf this week as many are preparing for what's to come.

Animal shelters in New Orleans are calling for help before the storm reaches land. McKamey Animal Center is aiding shelters in the storm's path. 

"They are desperate. I mean they are saying the worst weather is coming in tomorrow afternoon. They needed us in and out by noon tomorrow," said Executive Director of McKamey Animal Center, Jamie McAloon. 

McAloon says a team from McKamey will head to New Orleans tonight to pick up dogs ahead of the storm.

"When people say what do you mean hurricane season is a busy time for you guys, you're in Tennessee? And we're like when there is a hurricane somewhere else there is a hurricane at McKamey," McAloon told Channel 3. 

Shelters in New Orleans are reaching capacity. Now they're shipping animals to centers all over the country with hopes of making space for the dogs left out in the storm.

"Animals that are being kept in backyards, animals that are being let loose, people are simply opening up gates, or worst they are leaving them tethered and people are going in and having to rescue those animals," said McAloon.

McKamey Animal Center is taking in animals from the Gulf. Now the center is needing Chattanoogans to step up and foster the dogs currently at McKamey to make room.

"We are asking for ten days to two weeks," said McAloon. 

Two weeks is the time commitment needed to foster a dog. 

"We are already full. We've really got to make room. In order to help those animals in the other communities, we've got to get our animals out of our shelters," McAloon told Channel 3. 

McAloon says fostering an animal is a simple process and can make all the difference.

"This community always rallies. This community always helps. They want to do something for hurricane victims," McAloon recalled. 

She says she hopes the community can help the center save more animals from the storm. 

"We are always willing to help those people because someday something is going to happen in Tennessee and we are going to need the help of those same people that we had helped. We've got to help each other," McAloon told Channel 3. 

If you are interested in fostering-- McAloon says to stop by McKamey Animal Center and fill out an application. Their address is 4500 N Access Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37415. They can be reached at (423) 305-6500.