The Chattanooga Heroes Run is this Saturday, and people will be running to remember the Fallen Five heroes from the July 16 terrorist attack in 2015.

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This is the last year for the Chattanooga Heroes Run because the Fallen Five Memorial that will sit in the Tennessee River Park is almost complete. So it's the last year for people to participate and contribute to the memorial. 

Runners will pass by the place where the memorial will stand when it's completed this fall. Thousands participating over the years helped pay to build that memorial. 

"Every year we've always had at least 1,000 people. Last year we had about 1,014 and this year we're sitting at about 705," said Christian Orth. 

Orth is the Business Development Manager at Erlanger Health. He said that participants will run five miles, or one for each hero. 

"We are starting at the NOSCC where the shootings happened then we will finish right there in the center of the field that's right there by the Hubert Fry Center," said Orth. 

It's not too late to sign up for the run. 

"We do have that available this year. We do have on-site registration. We won't be able to guarantee a shirt size for you, but if you want to have that guarantee I would go and register right now," said Orth. 

He said if you're planning to participate, make sure to get there early because there's only one way in and out of the park, leading to traffic congestion.

"To give yourself ample time I would say try to get there no later than 7:00 a.m.," said Orth. 

An artist also gave them five replica bands from the memorial's wreath and if you run in the race you have the chance to take one home. 

"We're going to give away those bands to three individuals participating this year, so they can walk away with a piece of Chattanooga history," said Orth. 

You can register online here, or walk up on Saturday morning.