The Hamilton County budget is still up in the air, which means those groups and departments relying on county funding are not receiving any money.

This includes the Humane Educational Society (HES).

So far HES has missed one stipend check from the county and they could miss a second if the budget is not resolved within a couple of weeks.

“We have to come up with that day in and day out,” said Interim Executive Director Dr. Tai Federico.

At HES, the little things add up fast when caring for the county's homeless animals.

“We buy food; we buy medicine, vaccinations, just simple things you don't even think about like putting gas into the van to transport the animals to an another location for an off-site adoption event and that sort of thing,” Dr. Federico said.

But that's just one part of what it takes to care for a least 500 animals.

“We've got 35 employees; we've got four trucks and three vans and a roof that's leaking and our air conditioner is breaking down,” Dr. Federico explained.

Dr. Federico says the HES staff is paid twice a month, which totals about $40,000 each time. He says they rely on the stipend check from the county to fully cover one of them.

“Nobody in animal shelter is in it for the money. They're living pretty close to the bone and so they really can't do without that paycheck,” he said. “At some point they have to make a decision and the longer it goes the worse things are going to be.”

As the wait continues, Dr. Federico says they cannot survive without the community.

“The Humane Society has been around for over 100 years and we're planning on being here for a hundred more," Dr. Federico said. "There are so many moving parts to a shelter that we just need everybody to pull together.”

There are ways you can help the HES family through either volunteering or donations. For more information, click here.