Hamilton County Chief Deputy Austin Garrett said the sheriff's office is requesting an extra $5 million from the county for this year's budget. 

The additional funding would go toward salaries and projects such as the need to replace tasers and get more body cameras.  

"It gives a first-hand view of what we do, what the men and women do every day and if there's a question about the incident, it gives factual validity to the incident for review for us to look at for training for quality assurance," Garrett said. 

He said they have already issued body cameras to at least 20 deputies to see how it works.

Garrett said body cameras will be issued to other departments within the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office as well. 

"Our fugitive apprehension team and we are also doing something a little unique as well, were exploring the use of those in our correctional facilities," Garrett said. 

He said incidents tend to occur in the booking areas when emotions are high. 

"To have that added level of transparency and video evidence of what's going on in that correctional facility is extremely important," Garrett said. 

The total cost for new tasers and more body cameras would be $250,000.

But Garrett said the department would save money over time. 

"About every three to four years they will replace the actual product were using with new equipment to keep us having to go ask for a large sum of money to replace it, it will be a yearly lease payment," Garrett said. 

He said they have not decided how many body cameras they plan to have. 

The budget not passing has not hindered the progress of this project, Garrett said.