As Tropical Storm Barry heads toward the Gulf Coast, McKamey Animal Center is preparing to assist in evacuating animal shelters in cities preparing along the Gulf.

If you can foster or adopt any of their current animals, it would make room for new animals from those shelters.

That, in turn, allows the shelters directly affected by the storms to take in animals in danger and that have become lost or even abandoned.

The focus is on fostering McKamey animals for 10-14 days in order to treat and ready for TS Barry animals once they arrive.

McKamey says the exact arrival dates and number of animals is still pending. They warn this may not be a short-term event, since the hurricane season has just begun.

You can also support hurricane relief efforts with monetary donations or with supplies such as dry dog and cat food, which can be dropped off at McKamey during normal business hours Tuesday-Sunday.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering, you can send McKamey an email or call 423-305-7140.