Meredith Johnson took a fall in December of 2018, one that left a nasty bruise that just wouldn't go away.

Meredith Johnson says, "There were blisters from my wrist to my elbow, going up my shoulder."

Meredith tried everything, but nothing seemed to work.

Her bruise continued to get worse.

Meredith's son took her to the doctor and it's a good thing he did.

Meredith says, "I was diagnosed with melanoma, stage 4 in the left arm."

Meredith's doctor informed her she had the same type of cancer as former President Jimmy Carter. They began aggressive treatment, the same as the former president had received.

President Carter's doctors used a relatively new approach that combined radiation with immunotherapy, a form of cancer treatment that uses the power of the immune system to prevent, control, and eliminate the cancer.

Meredith's son Dan says he is glad his mom got to the doctor quickly and that the doctors didn't write off the bruising because of her age and medication.

Dan says, "That's mainly what's so important here. Time is of the essence. If you discover something by all means go to your doctor."

Dan says that made all the difference for his mom.

Dan says, "The first time the doctor took the sleeve off of her arm, our jaws hit the ground. We could not believe how it had cleared up her arm. It was that miraculous."

Meredith says she may have been a bit worried at times, but never panicked.

Meredith says, "My faith got me through most of it."