Nokian Tyres rolled their first test tire off their production line this week.

That first tire, a Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 in the size of 205/55R16, marks the beginning of the company's trial production at their Dayton plant.

Nokian Tyres says they remain on schedule to start building tires for commercial sale in the early part of next year, according to Wes Boling.

“The first tire milestone is significant for our production team, our employees throughout North America and our team around the globe,” said Nokian Tyres Senior Vice President Mark Earl, who oversees the company’s North American operations. “We’re happy to share this news with our customers, who will benefit from the expanded product range and enhanced service the factory will enable us to offer.”

Nokian Tyres will produce thousands more tires for testing and machine calibration purposes through the end of 2019. When the production facility reaches full capacity in 2023, they expect to make 4 million tires annually.

Nokian says they will soon turn attention to growing its team at the factory, currently employing 70 workers. The company will employ approximately 400 people at the factory once capacity reaches 4 million tires.

“We aren’t just focused on building premium products; we also want to offer a premium experience for members of our team,” Dayton Factory Operations Director Peter Chia says. “Simply put: We want to be the employer of choice in Southeast Tennessee.”