Neville Forsythe was killed in a car accident on I-75 near Atlanta on Monday.  The Georgia State Patrol says a tire malfunction caused the crash. 

Forsythe's family says Neville and his wife were in Atlanta getting supplies for their restaurant, and were on their way back to Chattanooga.

Forsythe was ejected from the vehicle resulting in his death. The family says his wife had scratches and bruises but is expected to be okay. 

He was the chef and co-owner of Mrs. B's Reggae Café. 

On Wednesday members in the community left flowers, balloons, and notes at the front door of the restaurant. 

"Easily my favorite restaurant in Chattanooga and still of course continued to be on a deeper level," said Evan Lipson. 

Lipson used to be a regular at Mrs. B's Reggae Café before he became an employee. 

"This man was an absolute joy to be around," Lipson told Channel 3.

He says there weren't many people like Neville Forsythe.

"Truly inspirational on a level I rarely, rarely encountered," recalled Lipson.

As well known as Neville was for his cooking-- he was loved by many for something much deeper-- his heart.

"He was just a very gracious person," said Gabriele Bailey 

"Chef is probably one of the most passionate and dedicated people I've ever seen towards any craft," Lipson told Channel 3. 

All who passed through on Wednesday said if you went to Mrs. B's-- you left with a full stomach and a full heart. 

"Always helpful, and he always gave people more food than they wanted," recalled Bailey. 

Many in the community gathered at the front door of Mrs. B's,  where a sign read they will be closed until further notice.

There, people left flowers, wrote notes, and shared memories.

"A couple of years ago for Thanksgiving, we fed the homeless people here and that was really awesome," said Bailey. 

People in the community said Forsythe made Chattanooga a better place. 

"We could imagine what the world would be if everyone was like this, if everyone was this dedicated and passionate," said Lipson. 

It's unclear what caused his tire to malfunction causing the crash -- but one thing is for sure-- Neville Forsythe will be greatly missed.