If you're like millions of Americans who feel they are paying too much for cable or satellite television, you've thought about cutting the cord and going with one of the streaming services such as YouTube TV, Sling TV or Hulu.

All of the streaming services advertise a low introductory price and hundreds of channels, but what most people don't know is that many of their favorite channels are not offered or carried by these streaming services.

While trying to figure all of this out for myself and some friends, I learned every streaming service is missing something.

Sling TV has three levels of programming choices, Orange, Blue and a combination of the two.

For a family, let's look at the Orange and Blue package which is $40 a month.

Most of the popular channels including ESPN, but it does not come with ESPN U which shows college football and basketball games.

There's also no TV Land, CMT, SEC Network, no Disney, Nickelodeon and none of the news networks except for CNN. No Fox, MSNBC or CNBC.

Sling does offer a Total TV package for $60 a month that includes pretty much everything but still no Fox News or Nickelodeon. There is Nick Jr. If you are a Fox News watcher, you won't be able to see it using any of the Sling TV packages.

YouTube TV is a favorite streaming service for millions of people. It's $50 a month. It has most everything, but it does not have A&E, History, TV Land, Nickelodeon, MTV VH1.

DirectTV Now offers several packages. Its $50 a month tier does not have ESPN U or ESPN News, HGTV, Food channel, Lifetime, AMC, A&E. History, TV Land, but it does have MTV, VH1, Disney and Nickelodeon.

The $70 a month DirectTV Now package doesn't have ESPN U, HGTV, but adds TV Land, and HBO.

Sony's PlayStation Vue streaming service has one of the best selections for $55 a month. But notable omissions are A&E, History, Nickelodeon.

Fubo is a new streaming service for $55 a month. It does not have any Disney owned properties. None of the ESPN channels.

Philo is the least expensive streaming service for just $20 a month. But if you're a sports or news person, you won't find any ESPN, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC or Fox News or Disney.

So what's the best option for anyone switching from cable or satellite? That's a personal decision.

Sling TV's Total TV package has the most channels but again, no Fox News.

Hulu, YouTube TV, and Playstation Vue are all very competitive with channel selection for $45-$55 a month.

For a comprehensive look at what each service offers, check out www.whatthetech.tv

I've also compiled a spreadsheet showing each network or channel and which streaming services carry them. You can view the spreadsheet or download it.