Disgusting and disturbing videos are circulating online. People are videotaping themselves licking products or spitting into them while in the store and placing them back on the shelves.

Dr. Jonathan Kurley with Fast Access says he saw the video which shows a woman in a store opening a carton of Blue Bell ice cream and licking the top layer.

She then closes the container and places it back in the freezer.

Dr. Kurley was shocked and says viruses and infections can be spread through saliva.

“Common cold, viruses, flu but also things like mononucleosis and even hepatitis as well as herpes viruses,” said Dr. Kurley.

Actions like these have not been reported in our area, but we wanted to know how stores are inspected.

Shanna Lively with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture says inspectors do an unannounced visit to different retail stores across the state.

“When you're looking at personal hygiene equipment cleanliness and all the products that are being offered are being maintained improper temperatures,” said Shanna Lively.

Those locations are assessed on a risk-based frequency. Stores with everything prepackaged are a lower risk so they are only checked every 18 months.

Lively says higher risk stores get inspected more often.

“Stores that are doing a type of food prep like a deli or bakery we are in there every six months,” said Lively.

We spoke to Chattanooga Police to find out the punishment for this type of crime and they say it would be considered vandalism which could be a misdemeanor or felony.

The woman who was identified as the "Blue Bell licker" has been arrested.