The Chattanooga Red Wolves Soccer Club broke ground to start building the new professional stadium Tuesday.

 The $125 million dollar investment brought in local, state, and federal officials.

The goal is to provide a fun atmosphere for 5,500 soccer lovers and boost the economy as well.

“When this investment is made other surrounding retail, businesses and jobs will be created,” said Gov. Bill Lee. “The quality lot of life will be improved.”

After a year of playing in a temporary location, the Chattanooga Red Wolves will be getting an official home soccer stadium.

Goal Keeper Alex Mangels says support for the sport is high in the Tennessee Valley.

“I hope that we can pack the stadium every week,” said Alex Mangels. “Get different people from around the area out there, but also keep those loyal supporters who are out there every week.”

Creating the soccer field is the priority.

The fan experience is expected to be intense by building the seating as close to the field as possible to make them feel like they are in the game.

After the field is in place the development around the stadium will be built in phases.

“Live work play experience for everybody,” said Bob Martino. “The neighbors can walk to the games together shop and dine at the restaurants in the area.”

This property will include an apartment complex, hotel, and retail space and will bring in 1,200 jobs.

Soccer club owner, Bob Martino, said walking trails will be placed throughout the land.

“Children will learn because of the walking trails that will have educational stations that explain the importance of wetlands,” said Martino.
If everything goes as planned, The Chattanooga Red Wolves will begin playing in their new stadium next season.