The inmate accused of walking out of Erlanger Medical Center is facing new charges Monday night.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office charged Anthony Bell with escape from penal institution, burglary, two counts of vandalism and two counts of theft of property, according to the county court docket.

Chief deputy Austin Garrett with the Hamilton County Sheriff's office says Bell was found in Hamilton County, off of North Germantown Road.

Even though Bell is in custody, Garrett says there are still plenty of questions needing to be answered.

"Right now, that's all we have knowledge of, but that could change. Right now, that's all we can state. Because we are looking at the felony escape charge and once the burglary investigation conclude and the charges on that,” Garrett said.

Bell was taken into custody without any trouble.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office shared photos of bell not long after he was captured.

In a news conference Monday evening, Garrett wasn't able to elaborate on the details of Bell's capture, citing the ongoing investigation.

"It's still a criminal investigation going on, it's not ended. So I'm not going to make a lot of comments on it or any specifics of the investigation,” Garrett said.

When law enforcement found Bell, the chains of his handcuffs were cut and he wasn't in the clothes he reportedly stole from Professional Industry Tire Co.

But authorities are relieved to have Bell back in custody.

"We want thank the TBI for getting him on the most wanted list. We believe that probably helped as well. Any type of publicity we can get, we think that helps. They go about this everyday looking for fugitives, people that either are escapees or have outstanding warrants. And their skills and partnerships together is exactly how he was captured,” Garrett said.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office couldn't say if anyone helped Bell during his escape, but Garrett says more information will be released in the coming days.

Bell is expected in court on July 15.