Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Austin Garrett was asking people to be vigilant before Anthony Bell was captured on Monday evening.

Before Bell was captured Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies were following any lead they could. 

"He could be anywhere, we're looking here and other places, and where the leads send us is where we will go until we've got him back into our custody we encourage the public to look for him or pay attention as they go about their day,” said Garrett.

The last known sighting of Bell was at Professional Industrial Tire Co. on Riverside Drive. It was around 2:00 p.m. on Sunday when the Chattanooga Police Department responded to a burglary.

It was at the business they found Bell’s medical ID bracelet and green hospital gown.

After an inventory of clothing in the morning by detectives and employees at the company, they discovered a blue shirt and blue jeans missing, and determined that’s what Bell left in.

Garrett said that he was nervous that Bell would commit another crime while out of custody.

Now Bell will be facing new charges on top of the ones he was already in jail for.

“I mean of course the charges he already had and also felony escape and then of course whatever comes out of the burglary investigation. We know he was there committing the burglary, and anything else that evidence shows that he commits while out of our custody,” said Garrett.

Garrett said they used every resource available including the TBI and the US Marshal's.