On Tuesday July 9th, at 12:55 EDT Saturn will be in exact opposition to the sun. This means, Saturn will be in the exact opposite part of the sky, to the Sun. Saturn will also be in perigee, meaning it will be at it's closest point to Earth. A combination of this and Saturn will appear at it's brightest and largest. 

In Chattanooga, Saturn rises tonight at 8:51 PM EDT in the ESE sky. It will be at it's highest point around 1:47 AM EDT. Look for the constellation, Sagittarius and in the southern horizon. By dawn, Saturn will set in the WSW sky at 6:44AM Tuesday morning. 

While opposition occurs when Saturn isn't visible, you'll be able see the brighter planet over the next few nights and just before dawn! The incline of Saturn's rings will also be at the maximum 24 degrees. Those with even the smallest telescopes, will able to spot them!

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