July 4th is the one holiday of the year people are allowed to camp overnight at the campgrounds off Dayton Pike.

One family in Soddy Daisy has set up camp at this location for the last 38 years on Independence Day.

Carolyn Holloway and her late husband started the tradition back in 1981.

"All of our friends know-- 'Hey they're going to be there'," said Carolyn Holloway.

The annual camp-out has gone on for decades and now spans across four generations of family members.

"I've got 10 of my grandbabies here. We have both sides of each family-- we just all come together as one family and that's what it's about," said Carolyn's family member Barbara Campbell.

"I'm the oldest. We go from the oldest to the youngest every year here," Holloway told Channel 3.

She's always loved celebrating the Fourth of July. This year, they're celebrating much more than a holiday. 50 members of Carolyn's family were there to celebrate her.

"This year was really special because I did battle cancer," said Holloway.

There was a time in her fight with cancer she wasn't sure she would celebrate her favorite holiday tradition again.

"I was diagnosed in August. I have cancer of the hard palate of the mouth. I've done two rounds of chemo-- but I've survived it," Holloway told Channel 3.

She says it was a tough year, but her family was there through it all.

"Today is not a crying day, today is a happy day," cried Holloway.

When she looks up at the night sky, she'll see a new beginning.

"I can't wait until the fireworks go off tonight because that's going to be like 'Yes you really did beat it.' So I'm looking forward to it," added Holloway.

She says she is going to fight to be back at the annual camp out next year.

"I beat cancer. And I'm going to continue to beat cancer because I have a reason. There are reasons right there-- all these kids," said Holloway.