A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit part of California Thursday morning and seismologists says the quake is the strongest to hit Southern California in 20 years.

A man who grew up in Ringgold, James Hall and his wife moved out to Southern California four years ago, and felt the temblor.

But he says this isn't the worst earthquake he's personally experienced. It's something he still hasn't gotten used to "But, no. I don't get used to them. If you can get used to that, then...man..then you've got a high tolerance for insanity because it's pretty crazy,” Hall said.

Hall and his wife were sitting down watching TV, when they felt everything around them shake.

"I looked and I saw my coffee kind of swaying. It felt like I had vertigo, like I was dizzy. I looked at my wife and I asked 'are we having an earthquake?' She goes 'I think so.' So, we went outside,” Hall said.

Hall says his neighborhood didn't experience any damage, but others nearby weren't so lucky.

"The 178 freeway has a huge crack in it. They will probably have to shut down for sure to do the repairs. That's right where the fault line runs through, so I can't imagine. We've already seen a few house fires, things like that. Probably a gas mane broke or something like that. So, you know. Just your normal 6.4...6.2 earthquake,” Hall said.

At least 24 medical and fire incidents were reported in Ridgecrest, California, which is northeast of Los Angeles.

People from Las Vegas to the Pacific coast reported feeling the quake.

And according to several reports from seismologist's, there is a 1 in 20 chance a bigger earthquake could happen soon, which hall says causes even more concern.

"So that's what is scary about it. It's kind of a new one. And you know, California is on a series of fault lines and somehow they are all connected. So, you don't know if that's going to trigger another fault or what's going to happen there. It's enough to make you stay awake,” Hall said.

Hall went on to say even though the earthquake lasted a few seconds, it felt like a lifetime.

Seismologists are expected to do more geographical surveys in the coming days.