East Ridge police say a man stole jewelry from a hair salon, but was caught on camera moments before he got away.

It happened around 3:45 p.m. at Southern Roots in the Spring Creek Plaza.

Police say the man went into the salon trying to use the restroom, which is not open to the public. They say that's when he stole a “display of costume jewelry” and ran out.

Mari Hale, who works next door to the salon, says the same man came into their store moments before it happened trying to do the same thing.

Hale says it was a busy day at Chattanooga Vapor Company. She says she was helping a customer, when she noticed a man with a woman walking towards their stock room.

“So I walk out and I'm like hold on sir we'll be right with you,” she explained. “And then he asked for a juice by name and I got it for him. there was a lot going on and then he was like can we use your bathroom and you have to walk through our stock room so no you can't but there's another store in the plaza that has it.”

Hale says the two eventually left the store and went inside the hair salon. A short time later, she says she looked up and saw police cars.

“We're like okay what's going on and the salon ladies came over and they were like did you see that guy, did you see that guy? He knocked over our stuff, he stole our earrings and then he charged at us,” Hale said.

Police shared pictures of the man on Facebook, which were taken from cell phone video. Hale says a salon employee captured the video as the man was leaving the salon.

“She was trying to video tape him like this is the dude that stole from us and that's when he got out of the car and that's when he got out of the car and charged at her. Like literally got out his truck and ran after this woman like an older gentlemen,” Hale said.

Police say the man drove off in a truck before they arrived. Hale says she's relieved no one was hurt.

“It definitely could've escalated a lot more than where it was and I'm glad that nobody was hurt and I'm glad those ladies were okay,” Hale said. “That the situation didn't turn physical or anything because it's crazy.”

Interim Police Chief Stan Allen says they have a strong indication of who the man is, but no arrest has been made yet. Allen says the man may face several charges including theft, assault and retaliation for past acts, which is a felony charge.