The Dade County Sheriff's Office has put up new signs at the swimming hole on Sells Lane after a video of two people fighting surfaced on Facebook.

Sheriff Ray Cross tells Channel 3, this sort of behavior has been happening for quite some time.

Kim Moreland lives near the area and agrees with the sheriff. She says she just wants the swimming hole to be a family friendly place again.

"A place where we come kayak, bring our dogs and let them swim,” Moreland said. “Just family and friends. It was a nice area."

Kim Moreland has lived in Dade County most of her life, and says the swimming hole off Sells Lane was a place for everyone.

"Trashed. Trash everywhere. You've got people coming and burning out, staying loud all hours of the night. You've got a neighborhood across the road that can't sleep. They just come over here and wreck the place," Moreland said.

Now, the Dade County Sheriff's Office is taking action by putting up signs that say no alcoholic beverages allowed at this swimming hole.

The signs come after a video surfaced on Facebook of two people fighting and getting out of hand.

In the video, you can see a man dumping beer on someone's face.

Moreland saw the video and says this can't happen anymore.

"What happened was uncalled for,” Moreland said. “All of those kids out there, there was no sense in it."

Sheriff Ray Cross tells Channel 3, this sort of behavior is unacceptable in Dade County and these signs should not be taken lightly.

"We want keep people safe,” Sheriff Cross said. “This is a family area where a lot of people like to come here and enjoy. And we don't need people down here drinking and causing a ruckus that's going to disturb that."

"They need to take them very seriously. We are. These signs aren't here for looks. We are going to enforce these ordinances we have put up here," added Sheriff Cross.

Moreland hopes these signs are the beginning of a safer family environment.

"Hopefully, the signs will work and it will be much better,” Moreland said. “It needs to be cleaned up out here."

The Dade County Sheriff’s Office tells Channel 3, the two in the video have been identified and face criminal charges.

Sheriff Cross asks anyone who sees this sort of behavior in the future to call the Dade County Sheriff’s Office.